Inside Track - We hear… That it’s a girl for New England Patriots QB/QT Tom Brady and his supermodel spouse Gisele Bundchen! Word is, little Vivian arrived yesterday but there’s no word if she was born in the couple’s Back Bay bathtub like her brother, Benjamin, was nearly three years ago. Ben’s birthday, BTW, is Saturday, so wethinks double birthday parties are in store for the BradyBundch! Thankfully for 12’s oldest son, Jack, 5, he was born in August. His mom is “Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan.

I know that whenever someone is having a baby you’re expected to say “Oh, I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy!”  Express even a slight preference to one or the other and they’ll charge you with a hate crime.  Well at the risk of getting put on the PC Police Terror Watch list, I’m disappointed the Brady’s had a girl. People are starting to talk about the end of Brady’s career and wondering how the Pats will ever replace him and I’ve been saying for years I think his replacement will come from Gisele’s womb.  That he’ll just keep breeding a race of genetically perfect Superquarterbacks, play for another 20 or so years until the kids are ready and an octogenarian Bill Belichick will have them ready to play from Day 1.  This doesn’t ruin my plan exactly, but it’s not going to help the depth chart any.  Now the pressure’s on Jack and Ben to produce.  And, frankly, I was 100% convinced the kid would come next Wednesday because the date will be 12/12/12.

Oh, well.  So we lose the 2034 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, but we gain a future supermodel with the most incredible bone structure the world has ever known.  And it’s a good sign that she was born on the Thursday of a Monday Night Football week.  So at least we know she’s one of the rare women who don’t mess up football plans.  So welcome Vivian.  We’re sorry you’re not a boy but it’s good that you know your place.  @JerryThornton1


Editor’s Note – Can’t wait to see her titties on the beach…..