I got sources telling me that Jerry Remy is coming back tonight for the Sox game.  Hope it’s true.   I guess we’ll see how good my sources are since I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else.    This could be a major turning point in the Stool’s history as we go from reporting the news to breaking the news.   Or I could just look like an asshole.  One or the other.

PS – My dad just called me and asked me my source.  He wasn’t impressed.

UPDATE – My info was garbage.  That’s what I get for listening to guys who claim they are best friends with Eck and swear they are never wrong about this shit.  My fault for being an idiot.   Back to normal life at the Stool.   Hey do me a favor kid who swore he was right.  Lose my contact info.

Double PS – If you’re not watching the Stephon Marbury thing I feel sad for you.