MTVYes yesss y’all — the rumors on TMZ are true. “Jersey Shore” will be shooting its fourth season in ITALY! According to an official hot-off-the-press release from our employer, the entire cast and crew of MTV’s wildly popular hit show will be trading in their shot-filled road trips to Seaside Heights for a sure-to-be mini-bottle laden plane ride to their homeland.

I’m 100% out of Jersey Shore.  I watched the first episode this season and haven’t watched it again since.  There is only so much I can take of seeing the same shit over and over.    Like I’ve said a thousand times already I think MTV made a huge mistake by not recasting this show every season like they do with Real World.  Granted what do I know since the ratings are still huge, but that’s neither her nor there.  The point of this blog is that I think this is a brilliant move.    It’s the only thing they could have done with the same cast that would draw me back in.  Just drop these guidos in Italy and see how they do with real Italians.    Because my gut tells me that 84% of Italians don’t like the Jersey Shore stereotype.  I guess time will tell, but for the first time in a long time I’m excited to watch again.