Daily News - The last time they came to this college town in upstate New York, the Jets brought “Hard Knocks.” This time, the city of 49,363 is readying for Gang Green and the latest showstopper: Tebowmania. The Jets open their third training camp in four years at SUNY-Cortland later this month, the first time since 2010 (the 2011 lockout forced training camp to New Jersey), which was the focus of HBO’s series “Hard Knocks.” The town thought the interest from that show was big, but now, with the Jets’ new back-up quarterback and evangelical Christian icon Tim Tebow coming, the expectations are different, but may be bigger. T “A couple months ago, I got a call from a church group, then another and I thought it was interesting, not groups we normally get calls from,” said Jim Dempsey of the Cortland County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Right now, we have no way of knowing how many more groups will come because of Tim Tebow. “But we expect a lot.”

You know that sick-to-your-stomach feeling you get when you read about some group of Christian missionaries getting kidnapped or killed while spreading the Gospel in some God-forsaken Third World hellhole?  That’s how I feel right now.  Like these poor, naive Bible thumpers are pulling a Daniel-in-the-lion’s-den and they don’t even realize it.  They think they’re going to a football game like the ones they’re used to, with wholesome cheerleaders and crewcutted All American players and marching bands right out of Rogers & Hammerstein.  But they’re walking into Sodom & Gommorah and the rest of us are helpless to save them.  Wait until these poor unfortunate souls start mingling with the Exit 16W Jets crowd.  The guys who in the old stadium dumped money on the ground at the base of the ramps and when some child would try to pick some up they’d cover the kid with beer and bodily fluids.  That should be a life lesson they never got at Bible Camp. Or the guys who jumped an 8 year old Browns fan.  Or who made a halftime tradition out of “Show us your tits!” And accosted legendary Stool HoFer Uncle Buck.  Hell, just wait until they start rubbing elbows with Antonio Cromartie’s brood of illegitimate kids or get a first hand look at the collection of unrepentant sinners, cheaters and perverts taking the Lord’s name in vain while they coach this club.

There’s not a Commandment the Jets don’t break on an hourly basis over there and I just hope these decent, God-fearing simple folk are ready for it.  It just seems like a lot to go through to watch their hero block for the punter.  @JerryThornton1