NY Daily News - When it comes to Who’s No. 1 in Woody Johnson’s life, the Jet owner has a simple answer: M-I-T-T, Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. One day after his Jets suffered an embarrassing 34-0 loss at home to San Francisco he deemed “unacceptable”, Johnson was asked on Bloomberg TV Monday if he would rather have a winning Jets’ season or a victorious presidential election for Mitt Romney. Hope you are sitting down Jet fans. “Well I think you always have to put country first,” Johnson said. “So I think it’s very, very important that for – not only us – but in particular for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and (Paul) Ryan as president and vice president.”

Let me be clear: the point of this blog has nothing whatsoever to do with your political leanings.  It makes no difference if Woody Johnson supports Romney or Obama or the Libertarian or Mayor McCheese for that matter.  This isn’t about politics; it’s about priorities.  Sorry, Woody.  I appreciate your commitment to your country.  That’s very noble. Good for you.  But in New England, we don’t roll like that.  We prefer a football owner who believes that nothing is more important than winning.  I can’t speak for Mr. Kraft (though God willing someday he’ll hire me to), but I like to think he thinks that if he really wants to do right by his kids and grandkids, he’ll leave them a shitload more Lombardi trophies.-And that he’ll do anything to make that happen.  If that means electing the in-over-his-head-radical-socialist or the out-of-touch-puppet-of-the-wealthy is irrelevant.  All I want is an owner who wouldn’t care if they tear up the Constitution, declare martial law and establish The Hunger Games, so long as it gives his team a bye week and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.  Because while Patriots fans love the country, we love championships even more.  And in my heart of hearts I believe Mr. Kraft feels the same way.  Meanwhile the Jets have an owner who admits he’s got more important things to worry about.  It’s like Romney is Johnson’s Liverpool FC and Ryan is his Roush Racing.  And we’ve seen how that whole “distracted, unfocused ownership” thing works out.

Still, good luck Woody with your little election thingy.  Somehow though, I don’t think the guy you’re backing is all that into you: