Guardian – Liverpool have issued members of staff with a list of “unacceptable” words and phrases in their efforts to combat all forms of discrimination at Anfield. The guide, part of a wider education programme run by the club, details terms that employees should deem offensive under the headings of race/religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability. Most are self-explanatory and the guide advises that it is “important to understand the context of what’s being said”, as in the use, under gender for example, of “princess” or “don’t be a woman” on the Anfield terraces next season.


If you don’t think that I’m calling all my friends “poofs” from now on then you’re crazy. No I called shotgun you fucking poof! Haha. Classic. Knob-jockey ain’t bad either. I have no idea why “man-up” is on the list though. In what world is that offensive? My t-ball coach used to tell me to man up. Anyway, whoever came up with the idea to release this list is an idiot. What are all your players twelve years old? Gonna just go ahead and make sure they memorize all the no-no words? Yeah I’m pretty sure that a grown man using any of these terms understands exactly what he’s doing and firing off a quick memo isn’t gonna change his casual vocab. Then again I don’t know much about soccer.