Bostonherald - When free agency began, the Red Sox [team stats] didn’t believe John Lackey would even consider pitching in Boston. They should have consulted his wife. The former Krista Clark graduated from Sanford (Maine) High School in 1998 before earning a degree in tourism and event planning from the University of New Hampshire. When they first began dating, she had to demand that her father, brother and sister stop wearing their Red Sox gear in deference to Lackey’s position with the Angels. Needless to say, their allegiance is no longer an issue after Lackey was officially introduced as the newest member of the Red Sox this afternoon. “Back in the day my family definitely used to wear their Red Sox hats around us and it was like, ’Hey now, wait a minute,’ ” Krista Lackey said. “It’s a good thing they didn’t get rid of it all. They shoved it in the back of their closets, and now they can take it out again.” The Red Sox didn’t always think Lackey would want to come here. His differences with Fenway Park [map] were well-documented – he once cursed out the stadium on live TV during a particularly rough outing – and until nearly no-hitting the Sox in 2008, he hadn’t had any success here at all. But the team didn’t count on his wife’s influence. “I don’t think they thought I’d be interested,” Lackey said. “But I always was. I definitely had to have my agent really let them know I was serious about this. The wife helped out a lot. (He told them), My wife went to UNH. Come on. I’m being serious here.”

Man, UNH Wildcats making news all over the place huh? First Rachel Uchitel and now John Lackey’s wife. Anyway I was trying my best not to blog about her yet because the second I heard John Lackey may be coming to Boston I obviously friend requested her on facebook and I hadn’t heard back yet. So I didn’t want to do anything that may set off smut peddler alarms and shit like that.  In other words I was slow playing my hand. But so many people keep emailing me being like “Hey did you see Lackey’s wife? “How have you not talking about Krista Lackey yet” ” Krista Lackey has bombs! ” ” Krista Lackey Go Wildcats!”… blah,blaa, blah.  So for all you perverts out there here is the gratuitous blog about how hot she is. But frankly that stuff doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m just interested in how well her husband pitches here. So if you’re reading this Krista I promise I won’t exploit you if you accept my facebook request. I swear on Manzo’s life.