BOSTON (CBS) Last week, following a 126-pitch outing in Chicago, Josh Beckett felt stiffness and soreness in his shoulder and lat muscle. The Red Sox determined on Wednesday that Beckett would not make his next start, which would have been Saturday. However, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Hardy learned that Beckett wasn’t exactly resting with those injuries. Instead, the Red Sox’ injured hurler was out on the golf course. Hardy reported that Beckett and Clay Buchholz were golfing in the area on Thursday, just days before Beckett’s skipped start.

Fucking Beckett. This guy is something else huh? It’s almost like last year’s titanic collapse which was pretty much all his fault never even happened. In a weird way I kind of respect him for it. He just doesn’t give a fuck. Just flipping the bird to every single motherfucker in Boston. Every fan, every person, everybody who roots for the team. “Like hey Sons of Sam Horn get it through your thick nerd skulls. I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to drink, eat, get fat, skip starts and golf all right in your eye ball and make billions doing it. Chew on that Joe Burger King.”