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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any Boston athlete get persecuted quite like Andrew Ference is right now. All of Montreal saying he flipped them the bird. People calling 911 and shit. The Canadian Mounties on a manhunt looking for him. For shame. For shame. Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty? What ever happened to the Constitution? I mean am I the only one that listened to Mr. Ference’s press conference? How much clearer can he be? This type of obscene gesture is not in his repertoire. I repeat. It is not in his repertoire! Clearly he was throwing his fist in the air like hockey players are prone to do after scoring a big goal and his glove got caught up. It couldn’t be more simple than that. Again this type of ghastly gesture is not in his repertoire. That should be the end of this discussion. If he says he didn’t do it then he didn’t do it. Who are we to question his intent? Who are we to play god? But apparently Ference’s explanation wasn’t good enough for the powers that be as Gary Bettmen has caved to the pressure and fined Ference $2,500.00 for this supposedly dastardly deed. $2,500.00!!!! Well don’t fret Andrew!  Because the Stool is now selling “Free Andrew Ference” tshirts with all proceeds going to pay your fine and then to a charity of your choice. I just couldn’t sit by and let an injustice like this slide by. Not on my watch. Not today. Not ever.