NY Daily News - A Philadelphia man who claims to have been paid to have sex with former Poly Prep football coach Phil Foglietta in 1979 as part of an alleged pedophile ring that included Jerry Sandusky sent an email to several Poly Prep officials on Monday – including current headmaster David Harman – detailing the explosive allegation. Greg Bucceroni, 48… said he was “a child prostitute” and was associated with a pedophile ring that included Sandusky, Foglietta, now-deceased Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz and former Wharton School of Business professor Lawrence Scott Ward, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence for trafficking in child porn and smuggling photos and videos of himself having sex with a teenage Brazilian boy.

More on Ed SavitzFrom as far back as 1975, he offered teenage boys money, concert tickets and football tickets for their soiled underwear, and various sexual acts including: oral and anal sex, slamming his penis in a door, penis sword fights, urinating on him, vomiting in his mouth and defecating in his mouth through a potty chair, reportedly kept the feces in pizza boxes in his apartment. He told the boys to eat cheese to make the feces taste better.

I think this should just about do it, right?  Shouldn’t this be the final nail in the coffin of Joe Paterno’s reputation?  I mean sure, the few remaining JoePa defenders will spout the same old bullshit about how he had no idea and you can’t hold him responsible because it’d be Guilt-by-Association.  But I’m more of a “Judge a man by the company he keeps” kind of guy.  And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there’s not a man, woman or child reading this who ever once associated with a guy who hung out with a guy who liked oral and anal sex with underage prostitutes, getting his penis slammed in a door, penis sword fights, boys urinating on him, vomiting in his mouth and defecating in his mouth through a potty chair, or who kept pizza boxes filled with shit in his apartment or preferred the taste of cheese poop over original recipe poop.  OK, maybe one or two regulars in the Stool comments section, but no one else.  And since Paterno did, he was a total degenerate sicko himself, I don’t care how many football games he won.

But in a small, very twisted way, you’ve got to hand it to Sandusky.  I suppose in the sexual predator world, hanging out with a guy as depraved as Ed Savitz probably represents a form of social climbing.  He was truly a pedophile’s pedophile.  But I seriously doubt Savitz is going to enjoy  having Satan shit in his mouth for all eternity.  God, how I HATE poop mouths: