Sun – A FATHER with no face who feared his unborn child would inherit his shocking condition is celebrating after his wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Mohammad Latif Khatana, 32, and his wife Salima, 25, from Jammu and Kashmir in India, have been enjoying every moment with their newborn daughter. Ulfat, meaning love in Urdu, was born naturally at home, in Reasi district, on November 10, weighing a healthy 5lbs 5oz. As soon as Latif held his new daughter he quickly checked her over for any visible marks. But the new parents were overjoyed to find their little girl was healthy and unmarked. Latif suffers from a skin disorder, Neurofibromatosis, which means he has multiple flaps of skin covering his entire face, making him almost faceless. Salima, who was born with just one foot, married Latif in August 2008. Latif struggled to find a wife for many years but when he met Salima, they bonded over their disabilities, and finally agreed to marry.


India man, I’m telling you. They’re king of the unlikely relationships. Remember the dude who was still fucking his wife and having kids at 96? Well just when I thought I’d seen the most amazing display of Indian true love possible, this story about some guy with no face marrying a one-footed chick finds its way over to me and let’s just say it got a little misty in here. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for happy endings. Like you gotta assume that having no face is probably a deal breaker with a lot of girls. Even if you have solid game and a good rap it’s like well you still don’t have a face so I’m gonna go home with that other dude who has a face. Fucking chicks are so superficial, always wanting you to buy them drinks and have a face. And then on the other side of the pair, I can’t imagine only having one foot had suitors flocking to Salima. She definitely didn’t have a leg up in the marriage circuit, that I’m sure of. But then one day these two meet and as soon as Salima hobbled over and Latif peeled the multiple flaps of skin out of his eyes it was love at first sight. A truly beautiful thing. Well I mean it’s a really ugly thing but in principle it’s a beautiful thing. And now a baby makes three. Awwww. Like I said, I’m a sucker for happy endings.