MSN – The postgame handshake, from Little League to the NHL playoffs, has long been perhaps the greatest symbol of sportsmanship in this country. But because a bunch of teenagers can’t control themselves, an entire state is considering banning it from most high school competitions.  The Kentucky High School Athletic Association, the governing body for all high school sports throughout the state, on Tuesday ordered all high schools to no longer conduct postgame handshakes due to an increase in violence in these postgame events — “more than two dozen [incidents] in the last three years in Kentucky alone” according to the KHSAA. In a “Commissioner’s Directive” posted on its website, the KHSAA referred to the handshakes as “traditions” and said that “fights and physical conflicts have broken out” to the point that, “in our state alone, incidents in soccer, football and volleyball have occurred this fall.” The post went on to put more of the blame on the adults than on the players (“And this can be particularly problematic when there is a lack of an appropriate level of adult supervision, or counterproductive actions by the adults involved with the team.”).


High school administrators have officially gone mad with power, and that’s saying something because they were already mad with power. Now they’re taking away things that are universally recognized as good. They’re taking away sportsmanship. That’s right, taking away sportsmanship for the good of the kids. Excelsior!  But I honestly can’t decide if this is a pussification story or an anti-pussification story. Because on one hand they’re worried about kids getting into altercations in sports, which is pussy. But on the other hand they’re taking away something that’s a show of class and basically encouraging kids to have no sportsmanship.  Weird.  No handshakes after sporting events for the benefit of the athletes. Sound logic if I’ve ever heard it.