Listen I’m so anti having a kid it’s not even funny.  Just seems like a giant waste of time and energy.  Always shitting everywhere and eating your food and freeloading at your house.    No thanks. BUT having said that if all kids are this easy to please I may get in the market for one.  Seriously this kid is the happiest motherfucker I’ve ever seen to be going to a C’s game this year.  I wonder if he knows that the entire team got traded and Rondo’s hurt?  Whatever.   They do play hard every night.  I’ll give em that much.

PS – Somebody should send this link to the Celtics and they should upgrade him to courtside seats.  Anybody who wants to go the game this bad deserves to get the red carpet rolled out for him.   Well shit.  Would you look at Santa Pres just doing the damn thing per usual.