NJ.com – Despite it instantly becoming one of the top moments in Yankees playoff history, Kobe Bryant does not seem too happy about how Game 3 ended with Alex Rodriguez on the bench, saying it isn’t good for team chemistry. ESPNLA.com’s Arash Markazi was interviewing Bryant after the Yankees game Wednesday night, and when told of how the game ended, Bryant “didn’t crack a smile.” Very few seem to disagree with Joe Girardi’s decision to pull Rodriguez in the ninth inning; Bryant seems to be one of those few. “I don’t like that,” Bryant said, according to Markazi. “That’s not good for the chemistry of the team. I’m going to have to call A-Rod.”

Yeah I know this is a day old, but I still had to mention it. I literally crack up every time I read this sentence.

“I’m going to have to call A-Rod”

That’s liquid gold. Like Kobe is dead serious. He probably really did call Arod. And you know what? Arod probably needed to be called. Like I don’t care what he says or how much he fake celebrated a piece of him died both times Ibanez went deep. I just picture him sitting at home doing this over and over until Kobe gave him a buzz and convinced him it was him who hit those HR’s.