CBS - Rainn Wilson, the actor known more as Dwight Schrute from the Office than his real name, has a strong presence on Twitter. He shares his thoughts on life, and often about sports, to his numerous followers. But he realized something was missing, he had never been to a hockey game. So what better time to hope on the bandwagon than when the Kings had a chance to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals? So he used his account to reach out to the Kings and ask if he should get tickets to Game 4. The Kings did one better.

Ok fine. If this is how the Kings are going to play it than I’m gonna root for their asses.  You don’t send Dwight Schrute playoff tickets encased in jello and not expect me to jump on the bandwagon.  Hell I’ll probably be the #1 fan within 2 days with all the pink hat frauds they got out there.     Me or Simmons.