Cincinatti – A Kentucky woman and her husband are suing the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamilton County and the beer vendor at Paul Brown Stadium, accusing them of serving too much alcohol to two men sitting behind her at a 2009 game who then fell onto her and broke her nose.  The Dunns were attending the Sept. 27, 2009, game – a Bengals 23-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers – when they say two men sitting behind them were drunk but were continued to be served alcohol, the suit alleges. The suit also was filed against the two unnamed men, referring to them as John Doe I and II. Because those sued, including Aramark, the alcohol supplier at the stadium, knew the two men were “noticeably intoxicated,” they shouldn’t have continued to serve them alcohol, it adds. The Dunns were sitting in front of the two men when they fell on Rebecca Dunn who suffered what the suit termed “catastrophic injuries” that included a broken nose, a broken left index finger, had a cap knocked from a tooth, a “bruised femur, a jammed toe and many other strains and sprains.” Because of those injuries, the suit adds, she had to undergo nose surgery that left a scar, had “great pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and both temporary and permanent disability.” Her $700 glasses also were broken in the incident, the suit notes.

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