I hate to sound like a broken record with this Heat shit, but if I’m not going to talk about it who will?   A reporter asks a totally legitimate question about whether Dwayne Wade is concerned that everybody knows he is a dirty player now and Lebron has to chime in like he’s in kindergarden calling this lady a “retard”    How many games do you think Paul Pierce would be suspended if he dropped the “retard” bomb in a press conference?   Probably the rest of this series.   There is just no place for this type of behavior in today’s society.  None whatsover.   If David Stern has any balls he’ll step forward and make an example out of Lebron.  This wasn’t like Kobe muttering that the ref was fag underneath his breath on the bench.  Lebron said it into a microphone at a press conference daring the league to do anything.  Should be an automatic suspension.   Automatic.   And keep in mind this only a couple weeks after his mother called a Haitia valet in Miami a ” “fucking nigger”  telling him to “take a boat and go back to your country.”   Once again more proof the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.   Like I never wish people were dead but I honestly feel like the world would be a better place if Lebron’s family didn’t exist.   They are truly a black eye for this country and everything we are about.    An example of what happens when everybody tells you how awesome you are your entire life and everything is handed to you on a silver platter you never have to prove yourself to anybody.