MIAMILeBron James spent two days trying to figure out the right words. An assistant jotted some ideas on notecards, which were ignored. So when the moment came to deliver his MVP acceptance speech, James spoke emotionally about family, charity, history and what the Miami Heat organization means to him. James got the word about this MVP award Thursday. Longtime friend and close associate Randy Mims delivered the message because James couldn’t be reached when the call came. Of all the messages Mims has given James over the years, this one was unforgettable, he said. “It was kind of an honor, honestly,” Mims said. “A huge honor. His response, it was like a breath of fresh air, like, `Wow, I did?’ I know what was put into this year, being part of it. I know what we went through last year and trying to just rebuild him, his game, some of the things he wanted to get back to doing as a person.” James’ voice broke a couple of times as he spoke Saturday — highly uncharacteristic for him — and he confessed he was more nervous than he expected.

3 MVP List

6 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

5 – Michael Jordan

5 – Bill Russell

4 – Wilt Chamberlain

3 – Larry Bird

3 – Magic Johnson

3 – Moses Malone

I know what all the Lebron apologists are going to say. Hey he said at the end of his 30 minute press conference that he’d trade all his MVP’s for 1 title blah, blah, blah. Well big fucking whoop. That was after 29 straight minutes of sucking his own dick first. Like since when do NBA players hold press conferences like this for winning the MVP award anyway? Since when do they get choked up talking about how awesome they are? Did Larry Bird do that? Did MJ do that? Did any of the guys on the above list do that? Off course not. Because those guys understood that nobody gives a flying fuck about individual awards. All that matters is winning titles.   Somehow this fool still doesn’t get it.   Bro it doesn’t matter if you win 9,000 MVP’s. You’ll still never be in the same category as those other guys on the list. None of those guys had to pack up their shit and go join superteams to win. They were all guys that carried their teams on their back . All guys that played their best in big games and in big moments. In other words they are the opposite of Bron Bron. Because not only hasn’t Lebron won anything, but he literally disappears in the clutch. He is Captain Regular Season. So congrats on your MVP trophies and zero titles. The mark of a true fraud.