LEOMINSTERA little league scoreboard is at the center of a dispute over land in Leominster.Mayor Dean Mazzerella bought the land located next to Leominster’s Little League fields in the 1980′s. He has allowed the league to use some of the land, but now he is building homes for his children and needs the league’s scoreboard moved for insurance reasons.League officials tell FOX 25 the scoreboard is a memorial to PFC Jonathan Roberge. It was built in 2009 after Roberge was killed while serving in Iraq.

First things first. How big of a hardo is the Leominster Mayor wearing a Mayor shirt? What did he have that custom made for this interview or something? Relax bro. You’re the mayor of Leominster. Anyway I don’t pretend to be a politician but I got to believe taking on the local Little League and their scoreboard dedicated to a fallen soldier is career suicide. I mean who cares if he is right or wrong in this particular case. You can’t publically fight Little League. You just can’t. It’s like fighting apple pie or something. Can’t do it. Looks like this guy can kiss his career and Mayor polo shirt line goodbye. Dummy.