Talkingpointsmemo - Reports out of Connecticut on Election Day tell a tale of Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon sure to go down in the annals of GOTV false flag operations. McMahon’s campaign is closing out the cycle with an appeal to urban and minority voters that looks and feels much like a Democratic campaign effort. Doorhangers call on voters to cast their ballots for President Obama as well as McMahon, promising the pair “will fight for us.” T-shirts mimicking the election gear worn by members of the Service Employees International Union are being donned by pro-McMahon forces at polling places, again tying McMahon to Obama. They read “I Support Obama & McMahon November 6th.” And “sample ballots” bearing McMahon’s campaign bug are being handed out at some urban polling places with just two names on them: McMahon and Obama. Nowhere does any of this material say McMahon is a Republican or is herself voting for Mitt Romney. Voter confusion efforts are commonplace on Election Day, and both sides of the political spectrum have been caught playing fast and loose with ethics in the closing hours of a campaign. But McMahon’s effort in stands out for sophistication and sheer chutzpah.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Linda McMahon. Such a heel move and frankly I respect the hell out of it. I mean all politicians play dirty. The only difference is Linda McMahon doesn’t try to hide it. She’ll eye gauge the fuck out of you and not even blink or apologize for it. Like that’s right bitch. I just eye gauged you. What are you going to do about it? I just don’t get how she lost? Seems like the McMahon’s should be able to rig or fix this anyway they want. Seriously I kept waiting to hear No Chance In Hell cut off her opponent’s victory speech and see Vince strutting down the aisle. Still can’t believe it didn’t happen.