CBC NewsLiz Gorman, who plays with the Tampa Breeze of the women’s Lingerie Football League, also thinks more traditional football attire will happen someday. In Saskatchewan, there’s been a buzz in recent weeks after the league announced two teams for the province. Some critics say making women dress in skimpy outfits is demeaning. Gorman says she’d rather wear a more conventional uniform, but understands it’s a business consideration. “I mean, I don’t like it,” she said. “You’d rather wear full clothing. I have a bunch of scrapes on me.” Gorman believes the league will eventually evolve to the point that the more revealing outfits will go. “You look back at basketball, you used to have to wear skirts,” she said. “Obviously it’s changed, they have the WNBA now. So if you look back, women’s sports has constantly evolved and I think that this sports league is going to end up changing the uniform.”

Thank God someone finally gets it.  Someone finally has the guts to stand up and say what all of us are thinking.  That the Lingerie Football League would be much better off without the lingerie.  That what we really watch for is to appreciate the skill and grace of these finely tuned athletes.  I mean, who wants to watch Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, Ed Reed or Ndamukong Suh play football when there’s a Liz Gorman to be seen and admired?  The Lingerie League will never get the respect it deserves as long as we’re distracted by all that skin.  And what the public really wants is to throw full unis on these world class athletes so all us Lingerie League purists can finally enjoy ourselves. In the same way we want strippers to keep their clothes on and hookers not to touch us.  Or that we follow porn stars on Twitter because we want to hear what they think about animal rights or the environment.  So keep the lingerie out of the Lingerie League, get rid of the smokeshows like Liz and replace her with chicks who look like Holley Mangold and get us back to football the way it was meant to be played.  It’s Xs & Os we really want; not T & A.  @JerryThornton1