- A Scituate man reeled in a 624-pound mako shark Thursday, possibly breaking the record for the biggest male mako ever caught, a specialist said. Taylor Sears, 20, a Massachusetts Maritime Academy junior who said he fishes every day of the summer, said, “I’ve caught a million sharks before, but never anything this feisty.’’Dr. Greg Skomal of the state Division of Marine Fisheries said the 10-foot fish is the largest male mako shark ever to be recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and appears to be the largest male mako ever caught anywhere.“We didn’t think they got this big, basically,’’ he said.

This is how we roll in Boston.  We don’t just beat you.   We humiliate you.    Like it’s not bad ass enough to catch the biggest fucking Mako of all time.  Oh no…this kid went and put him in the fucking camel clutch just to teach it a lesson.  Now I know what all the critics are going to say. How do we really know this is the biggest Mako shark ever caught? Well take a look at that old dude standing next to the fish in the first picture and tell me he hasn’t been alive since the ocean was invented. So if he says it’s the record, it’s the fucking record.  Just admit mother nature. You got beat. Now somebody do me a favor and cue the music already….