Jesus Christ.  Can you let the guy have his moment without fucking sitting next to him at the podium?   I mean the guy loves Boston.  He loves the Red Sox.  He loves the fans.   He always has.  He always will.  It was his dream to retire as a Red Sox.   So let him do it without making him sit next to the  two people he despises most.    Like seriously what was the point of the One Eyed Bandit being there?  Hey Larry do you think Nomar forgot the smear campaign you ran against him after you traded him?   Because I certainly didn’t.    So spare me  the mumbo jumbo about how much he means to you and the Red Sox.    You treated him like garbage and now you’re going to sit there with a big smile on your face acting like you guys are best buddies?    Disgusting.    Let him fucking retire in peace without having your stink rub off on him.  Seriously why not invite Steve Buckley to sit up there with him too while you’re at it?