Ynetnews – Size does matter? A Kfar Saba woman was badly beaten by her 23-year-old boyfriend after ridiculing his penis size in front of his friends. The suspect has been detained but denies the charges against him. After being questioned by police officers, the woman told them she met her boyfriend several weeks ago. She said that he was infuriated after she made fun of his penis size, arrived at her home and assaulted her. According to the woman’s account, the man punched her, pulled her hair, brought her down to the ground and kicked her. As result, she suffered serious bruises and eventually headed to hospital after the pain became unbearable.

Listen anybody who knows me knows I’m as staunch an advocator of women rights as there is. Just as progressive as they come. I think babes should be allowed to vote and even drive as long as they’re not fat.   And I never think it’s okay to hit a woman in anger. Never. But having said that I would have beaten the shit out of this chick too. You’re going to make fun of my penis size in front of my friends? Keep in mind this isn’t his wife talking in front of a couple life long buddies. Bitch just met the dude 2 weeks ago. A little early for the dick jokes don’t you think? Bottomline if you don’t want to get beat up than don’t make fun of a man’s cock size. Simple. Done and done.

PS – To this day I still have no idea whether cock size really matters for chicks. Literally no idea. In fact I think this may be the most asked question in the history universe that I don’t know the answer to. I just feel like every chick has a different answer. I’ve kind of settled on that as long as you’re not tiny you’re good to go. Hmm intern question of the day time?