Thestar - An Eastern Ontario man stabbed his common-law wife, ordered her to clean up the blood, had sex with her and then left her to slowly die as he came and went from parties. Dugald Jamieson, 49, of Renfrew was sentenced earlier this week to 12 years in jail for manslaughter for what the prosecutor called the “callous” slaying of Carol-Ann Brunet, a 54-year-old grandmother. In Justice Timothy Ray’s ruling, he said Jamieson, “in a rage”, stabbed Brunet in the stomach “so that the knife virtually passed through her.” Jamieson profanely ordered her to clean the “mess up,” then had sex with her in bed and the next morning ordered her to change bloodstained sheets so her daughter wouldn’t see. Court heard Jamieson later went to a friend’s place with two six-packs, and then to another friend’s place to watch car racing on TV and drink beer later returning with one to whom Brunet, lying on the couch, said: “Look what he did to me.” The friend asked Brunet if she wanted to go to hospital, but she said she was “fine.”

THERE AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A SCRANTON PARTY, CUZ A SCRANTON PARTY DON’T STOP! There ain’t no party like a stab your common law wife, make her clean up the blood and have sex with her party, Cuz a stab your common law wife, make her clean up the blood and have sex with her party don’t stop!

Seriously though I don’t know what all the hubub is about. She said she was fine. See that’s the thing with chicks. Always playing mind games. If she just came out and said “No Dugald, it’s not cool for you to go to your friends house to watch Nascar!  I agreed to get kinky and let you stab me and fuck me and now I just want to cuddle a little bit.“  If she just said that this whole incident probably could have been avoided.   Or at least the dying part could have been maybe?

PS – This blog is 1 million more times offensive than any of the KO Barstool shit. Just saying