DM - A man claims that a stripper fell on him with such force that she tore his bladder during his bachelor party, according to a lawsuit. Patrick Gallagher was celebrating his pending nuptials with friends during a fun-filled night at The Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, Pennsylvania. As the guest-of-honor, Mr Gallagher was pulled up on to the stage and give the full attention of the gyrating exotic dancers. Disaster struck when a stripper ‘shimmied up the pole, and from a great height, launched herself down onto his abdomen’, his lawyer Neil Murray told The exotic dancer has not been identified. The groom was in so much pain, the group had to leave the club, according to the lawyer. The next morning, he was admitted to hospital with a ruptured bladder which required surgery. Mr Gallagher is suing the club for at least $50,000 for his medical costs, humiliation and mental anguish. Mr Gallagher’s injuries happened in November 2010 while the groom and his friends were enjoying the ‘diamond bachelor package’ at the club.The package, for ten or more people, costs $140 per person. It includes two hours in a private lounge at the top of the club with an open liquor bar, hot appetizers and a private waitress. The groom is also invited on stage with this package.

How do you rupture your bladder from a stripper landing on you? I understand a broken dick but a broken bladder? I’ve never even heard of that before. Like in all my years of watching sports I’ve never heard of anybody getting injured with a ruptured bladder. And what happens when you do rupture your bladder? All your shit and piss just leaks out? Gross. Either way you can’t sue the strip club here. That’s the social contract you sign when you get a lap dance or go on stage. Obviously there is going to be some grinding, some contact, some shit going on. If you got a Glass Joe bladder you probably shouldn’t be up there in the first place.

PS – I’m trying to decide whether the diamond bachelor package is a good deal or not. It’s impossible to know because they don’t tell you how many girls come with it. 5 girls or more and I’m sold.