In my humble opinion nobody in the history of former Red Sox players returnign to Fenway that deserves to be booed more than Manny Ramirez. Nobody. And for the record I said boo Johnny Damon. I said boo Roger Clemens. I said boo Wade Boggs. They were all no brainers because they played for the Yankees. I said cheer Nomar. I said cheer Derek Lowe. I said cheer Trot Nixon. But to me this is the most clear cut obvious decion of them all. Manny has to be booed and he has to be booed hard. I don’t care that Manny won 2 World Series here. I don’t care that he’s a 1st ballot HOF’r. I don’t care about anything he did here because he never cared about the fans, he never cared about winning and he never even bothered to pretend to care. He tanked games. He faked injuries and basically gave a big FU to the fans any chance he could. He is everything that iswrong with professional sports.

The ONLY reason I could tolerate him when he was here is because he mashed. But everybody always knew he was an asshole. I just pray to god he doesn’t go into the Hall of Fame as a Red Sox. And if he does I may drive to Cooperstown and boo him during his speech. To be honest I wish I could just erase him from my memory.

I especially resented Manny trying to compare his situation when he left Bostonto Nomar. Get a grip dude! Nomar didn’t complain once his entire time in Boston until Lucchino backstabbed him and it fell apart at the very end. Nomar always hustled. Nomar never talked publicly about his contract. Nomar never ripped the team. Nomar never loafed it to first base. Manny, I watched Nomar Garciaparra: I knew Nomar Garciaparra; Nomar Garciaparra was a friend of mine. Manny, you’re no Nomar Garciaparra. Now I hope you die.