MANSFIELD, Mass. — A Mansfield student was suspended after taking a homecoming tradition too far and attacking a teacher with a pie. “Based on the postings on Facebook after this, the student not only had no remorse, the student actually was bragging about what they had done,” said Mansfield Schools Superintendent Brenda Hodges. Each year a teacher gets a pie (consisting of a tin filled with whipped cream) in the face as part of a fundraising campaign.According to Superintendent Hodges, the fake pie was apparently switched out for a real one by a student who wanted to act out violently.  “This was done with force, and it did injure the teacher,” said Superintendent Hodges. The teacher suffered minor injuries to her nose and eyes, but did not need to be hospitalized.“There was intent and they did it on purpose. Something needs to be done,” said Chris Negus, a parent.“I think the student should be punished for that. Should be reprimanded,” said Tina Koury, another parent.

Ah the old  pie switcheroo.   The oldest trick in the book.    To be honest I’m not sure what I think of this story.    I mean did the teacher agree to take a pie in the face from this chick?    Or was this a surprise pie attack?    My guess is the teacher agreed to do this.   So if that’s the case you can’t really cry foul  after it’s over.   I don’t care whether she hit you with a whipped cream pie, apple pie, blueberry pie etc.    That’s all semantics in my book.    A pie is a pie is a pie.   Plus there is only one way to hit somebody in the face with a pie and that’s at full speed.       You go in there half assing it and that’s how somebody gets hurt.    Therefore you got to blame the  teacher.   Don’t agree to let the girl who you just flunked hit you with a pie if you’re going to be a little pussy about it and say you were assaulted.    Shit happens on Pie in Face day.  Deal with it.