Reader Email #1


Marc Fucarile is a good friend of mine and a victim of the marathon bombing. He is still at Spauling dealing with one amputated leg and the other seriously injured. He has been in and out of surgery for both legs as well as removing massive amounts of shrapnel from his body. While he did/will receive some money from onefund he only qualifies as a single leg amputee – his lengthy hospital/rehab stay combined with the complexity of his injured “good” leg will require long term funds and care.

Thanks for all you have done to raise money for this cause – it is truly appreciated by those who have been hit hardest.

Boston Strong!


Reader Email #2

El Pres,

Hi! I’m from Stoneham where six friends were injured during the marathon bombings. One of those six was my cousin’s fiancé, Marc Fucarile. Marc has spent the last 80+ days since the attack in the hospital. Upon his unforeseeable release from Spaulding, Marc, my cousin Jenny and their son Gavin need to completely renovate a family house in order to make it handicap accessible for him. If the money you and the Stoolies have raised went to this loving and caring family who definitely need it, it would be such a huge help toward their goal and making their future as easy as possible for Marc. Thank you very much for considering Marc and my family.

Marc also has a website ( where his sister posts frequent updates on Marc’s improvements (and some setbacks).

Thank you very much El Pres!


Reader Email #3

My brother, Marc Fucarile, has yet to go home, is still in Spaulding rehab and will be for the forseeable future. Today is 86 days and counting. He lost his right leg above the knee and is still having complications that may cause him to lose more of that leg. He also faces an undetermined number of surgeries on his left leg that doctors are still working on trying to save and give him as much use of as possible. Under Feinberg’s formula, my brother was compensated for the loss of his right leg but did not get a penny more for having his left leg completely burned and mangled.

I know for a fact there are many deserving survivors and I have had the honor of meeting a number of them personally. I am just asking that you consider donating some of the money to my brother as well as those who were severely injured and will need to count on the generosity of others to get through the very difficult road ahead.

I have been a long time follower of the stool and look forward to reading your site daily. I would be happy to share any information with you in regards to my brother’s story and I’m sure he would love a visit at Spaulding if you have the time. Until you meet him and see his injuries first hand, you can not appreciate the extent to which his left leg was injured. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any interest in meeting him. If you would like to follow his recovery you can do so on his facebook page, Marc Fucarile Road to Recovery or on his gofundme page,

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration and greatly appreciate your efforts and the generosity of the Stoolies in helping those affected by those two cowards!

Viva La Stool,
Edward Fucarile

Reader Email #4


You need to donate the money to Marc Fucarile.

Here are the reasons why

1. Last Critically Injured Person to be released from all the Hospitals.
2. He was in a coma for weeks while others immediately set up website and donatations
3. He is a roofer, a blue collar worker
4. He had over 100 pieces of shrapnel in his body
5. He has lost hearing in 1 ear
6. He has complications from skin graths, atrophy, bone spurs, nerve damage, PTSD, still healing 3rd degree burns and 1 leg was amputated, another may still have to be amputated.

Please help my family friend




Ok here is the Marathon donation update. Yes I took my time with it just like I said I would from Day 1.  For the past month I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to donate it. Because what I found out quickly is that there was no easy answer. I totally get why Fineberg set up that emotionless system to determine the One Fund payouts. Nobody wants to be put in the position of ranking tragedies because they are all equally heartbreaking. It’s impossible to say one is more deserving than another.

But having said that we had to decide on somebody and nobody was more deserving than Marc Fucarile. When I reached out to the Stoolies asking for suggestions we were inundated with emails about Marc. Clearly he fit the Stoolie demographic. Everybody I talked to said the same thing about Marc. That he was an unreal guy.  A guy who could have been me or you. I talked to his sister for the first time 3 weeks ago. Spent almost 2 hours listening to his story. Marc was the last victim to leave Spaulding rehab. He lost one leg and his other leg was damaged so severely that he actually contemplated cutting it off in the hospital just so he could get the extra million from the Onefund. (You get 1 million per lost limb) That’s how worried he was about supporting his family. He was a roofer so he lost his occupation. He has a 5 year old son. He has a fiancée who had to quit her job to be by his side. He may still lose his other foot down the road. He was in the hospital so long he missed virtually every event held for the victims. On and on it goes. In other words he was the perfect candidate for us to help.  Obviously donating 240K is chump change in the scheme of things and doesn’t change anything that happened or make his or any of the victims struggles any easier, but if it helps even a tiny bit that’s good enough for me.

And again I just wanted to thank all the Stoolies who bought a shirt. I’ve had a ton of people come up to me and thank me for raising money. It’s almost embarrassing to be praised for it. And that comes from a guy who LOVES bathing in compliments.. But this was all our readers. I just put up the shirts and the Stoolies went to work like I knew they would. Because for all the shit that Stoolies get for being assholes this is what people don’t get about us. When the chips are down we are always there. We know when to laugh and when to take shit serious. This was a no brainer. Viva La Stool indeed.