TORONTOOscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg caught up with his buddy Tie Domi in Toronto on Tuesday and tempted the retired NHL enforcer with a friendly bout in the boxing ring. “Hey, Tie Domi, I’m officially challenging you,” Wahlberg, who co-produced and starred in the 2010 Oscar-nominated boxing flick “The Fighter,” told Domi when the tough-guy hockey player called him on his cellphone during an interview. “He’s fun because obviously he’s a big hockey fighter but boxing and hockey is pretty different. You can’t hold somebody’s shirt and punch with the other hand, and there’s no body protection, no equipment in boxing,” said Wahlberg, a 2007 best supporting actor Oscar nominee for “The Departed.”“I don’t want to fight him on skates, I want to fight him in the ring. But I pose the challenge right now.”

Yesterday it was Seagal vs. Couture. Today it’s Marky Mark vs. Tie Domi. Another fight I’d love to see. Now I obviously know that Whalberg was sort of joking when he said this and that these two are friends, but here is the thing. Mark Whalberg 100% thinks he would win a boxing match with Domi. 100%. Just like he thinks if he was on the plane in 9/11 it wouldn’t have gone down like that. Mark Wahlberg thinks because he played a boxer in a movie he can box in real life. What he doesn’t get is that Tie Domi is the real deal. One of the baddest mofos in the history NHL. This fight would be over in 2 seconds. Bell rings. Domi punches Whalberg in the face. Wahlberg is unconscious. So why do I want to see it so bad if it’s such a mistmatch? Simple. Nobody in the history of earth has ever needed to get knocked out more than Mark Wahlberg. He is literally the biggest hardo on the planet. There would be nothing better than watching him get one punched even if the fight lasted a nanosecond.