Carolyn Manno

Hazel Mae

Jade McCarthy

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Honest question. Do you think Carolyn Manno and Jade McCarthy are sneaky happy to be featured on Fuck, Marry, Kill? I bet deep down in places they don’t talk about at parties they are. It’s kind of like a badge of honor. Like you’ve arrived on the Boston Sports scene when we start talking about you. Anyway I’m going to marry Manno for two reasons. First we traded emails awhile back and she promised to send me smokeshow pictures which she didn’t, but it made me think she liked me and 2nd Devlin said she is breathtaking in person. Of course Devlin is easily impressed but whatever. That means I’m fucking Hazel Mae because I love Asians and killing Jade McCarthy. Somewhere in a dark alley Uri Berenguer smiles.

Marry – Carolyn Manno

Fuck – Hazel Mae

Kill -Jade McCarthy

(PS – I already did Heidi Watney and Kathryn Tappen)