Bianca De La Garza

Sara Underwood

Maria Stephanos

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This is probably the easiest set I’ve had yet. Say hello to Mrs. Bianca Big Cat De La Garza Portnoy. Who am I going Fuck? Come on. Do you even have to ask? You can’t be wearing hookers boots 24/7 and not be a first ballot Fuck Hall of Famer. So unfortunately that means Sara Underwood gets the knife and I’m guessing she’s going to set the record with a 90% kill rate. But I could be wrong here. There is something to be said for being able to call up Felger and just being like “Hey Felger I fucked your wife” and then hanging up. There really is no comeback for that. I’m also curious whether Felger is going to play Marry Fuck Kill on the air today? We all know he’s a Stoolie. It would be interesting to see how he plays this one. Do you have to marry your real wife in Marry Fuck Kill? I know for me it would depend on whether the First Lady reads my blog.   I know 99% of the time she doesn’t so I can say whatever I want, but for some reason she likes to come home and talk about Marry Fuck Kill so I’d have to give her the pity “marry” no matter who she went against.

Marry – Big Cat

Fuck – Hooker Boots

Kill – Felger’s Wife