Hazel Mae

Heidi Watney

Jenny Dell

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If you didn’t see this one coming than you sir are an idiot.    Anyway this is surprisingly easy MFK for me and the answer may shock some people.   For starters I’m marrying Jenny Dell.    I love brunettes and Jenny is a straight fire.  Like I’m addicted to her.  Totally and completely addicted.  Just love at first sight.     Now this is where I think the surprise may come in.   I’m fucking Hazel Mae.   I just know those big old asian titties know their way around the bedroom.    Hazel Mae can flat out fuck.   I’d bet my dick on it.    That means I’m killing Heidi.   Out of sight out of mind.  How the mighty have fallen.

Marry – Jenny Dell

Fuck – Hazel Mae

Kill – Heidi Watney