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I’m not sure if this one is a no brainer or not?  I don’t think it is.  All things being equal where are you shooting your load?  Face, tits or ass? I think there could be some spirited debate here.   Very important question though.  Even though I’m an ass man, face is the clear number 1 for me here.  That’s the one I’d want to do everyday hence the marry.   It just seems like that’s where god wants it to go.   But if the chick is a prude and not into that shit than I’ll go tits I think with #2?    I like the idea of the chick watching.  Not sure if that makes me a creep or not.   So ass comes in third and gets killed.   Sucks for the ass.  It does all the legwork and gets nothing to show for it.

Marry – Face

Fuck – Tits

Kill – Ass