Miss Elizabeth



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In honor of of the Royal Rumble at the Garden Sunday.   Marrying Miss Elizabeth is an easy choice. During her prime in the late 80s Liz was all class. Forget her walk on the nWo wild side years later, or that she was found dead after a coke overdose at Lex Lugar’s house, Miss Elizabeth was the first lady of wrestling. Fucking Sunny since she was never the muscled up diva, just pure fuckablity. Of course this is before that overweight lesbian sex tape about 10 years ago. We’re talking drugged up, blowin’ Bret Hart in the locker room Sunny. Killing Sable and her fake tits. Even though she was the first WWF chick to pose for Playboy, for my money she got hotter after she quit and came back to dyke it out with Torrie Wilson.

Marry – Liz

Fuck – Sunny

Kill – Sable