Halle Berry

Sara Jean Underwood

Lucy Pinder

Total Number of Votes: 61701

Now let me set the rules.  Not only are you fucking the superheroes here, but you’re actually fucking the chicks in the costume.  So it’s a combo vote. Halle Berry as CatWoman, Sara Jean as WonderWoman and Lucy Pinder as SuperWoman.   In other words it’s an impossible vote.   I guess I’m going to marry Wonder Woman and Sara Jean because she just seems so god damn cheery and cute all the time.   Like she’d make the perfect little wifey.  I’m going to fuck Halle Berry because she’s top 10 chicks I want to fuck in the world and I don’t want Mo from Philly calling me racist on Day 1.   That means I’m killing Pinder.   Nothing personal, but Huge tits don’t do it for me in comparison to everything else.

Marry – Sara Jean as Wonderwoman

Fuck – Halle as Catwoman

Kill – Pinder as Superwoman