Kathryn Tappen

Erin Andrews

Heidi Watney

Total Number of Votes: 57368

Well if you consider 35,000 people voting on Marry,Fuck, Kill yesterday a success than Marry, Fuck, Kill was a success.   Basically double the amount of people who can fit at the Garden for a game.   No biggie.    Seriously would somebody fucking buy the Stool already?

Anyway there was lots of debate on today’s matchup centering around Kathryn Tappen’s inclusion.   Basically I wanted to put Heidi and Erin Andrews in the ring together and Tappen seemed like a logical 3rd choice.   Hazel Mae’s name was thrown around a bit, but I settled on Tappen.  I think she’s earned it.  The sales guy says she’s going to get killed by 97% of the voters.    Says it’s a mismatch.  That it’s barbaric to put her in the ring with these two.    I think he’s crazy.    I think she’s going to be married by 97% of the votes.    Like who would marry Erin Andrews or Heidi Watney?    No thanks.  I don’t need chicks running around creating peephole videos behind my back or sleeping with the entire Red Sox roster.    I want a woman who I know will have dinner ready when I come home from work and likes to golf.   That’s Kathryn Tappen.   So for me she’s a no brainer marry.    Then I got to kill Erin Andrews because I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of banging her.     So it’s fuck Heidi Watney.     I’m comfortable with that.

Marry – Katheryn Tappen’

Fuck – Heidi Watney (with a condom)

Kill – Erin Andrews