Hardest Pop Warner Football Hit Ever – Watch more Funny Videos

Ball!!!!!!!!!!! Ball!!!!!! Ball!!!!!! Would somebody jump on that fucking fumble already! Ball is just sitting there!! I mean what kind of drill are we running here? We got kids leading with the crown of their helmet and then not even bothering to scoop up a fumble and take it the other way. Disgusting. Regardless this hit kind of reminds me of when I fucking decapitated my buddy Nolan during a C Squad angle tackling drill. Broke his puny fucking arm right in half like a twig. Just left him lying on the ground screaming “Oh god help me get me some water” as I picked his bones out of my face mask. So I’ll tell this whuss bag the same thing I told him. If you’re going to cry when somebody levels you then get off the fucking field. Football ain’t for pussies.