NewsGOING to Las Vegas in the near future? Well, if you are looking to stay healthy, sleep better and rejuvenate your body and mind amidst the late nights, smoke- filled casinos, and generalized “partying”, then you may want to check into the MGM Grand. The “StayWell” rooms will be ready later this month, chock full of amenities to promote a healthy and balanced way of living. The rooms will be cleaned with hypoallergenic products, have special ventilation systems designed to more optimally humidify and purify the air, and will include extra soundproofing to help you sleep better. Needless to say, running water in the room will be filtered. A special vitamin C infused shower is also touted to reduce chlorine content in the shower water- however, no conclusion can be drawn how this ultimately affects your skin after a few days of use. There are also special antimicrobial coatings on the doorknobs and furniture to help keep you healthy

I haven’t decided whether I think this is the best idea of all time yet. Because anytime I travel I get sick. Not 95% of the time. 100% of the time. I know it going in. That’s why I always live it up at our Blackout Parties and party my face off because I know within 48 hours I’m going to have the plague. So if you’re telling me I can stay in a StayWell room I’m booking it everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. I don’t care if it’s triple the rate. I want to bathe in Zinc, shower in Vitamin C and sleep in acai berry juice. So what is my hesitation calling this the best idea of all time then? Well call me crazy but shouldn’t hotels use hypoallergenic products to clean the rooms to begin with? I mean you got to pay extra to have germs killed now? That seems like it should come with the price of the hotel room right? Like when you pay $300 a night they fucking clean it and shit.