So I’m sure everybody has heard about this Heidi Watney vs. Michael Felger vs. Joe Haggerty vs. Apollo Creed thing going on the last 24 hours.   In case you haven’t here is the recap from from Boston Sports Media.

“Felger believes the source for Hohler’s story came from the top. Consequently, in an attempt to prove why Red Sox ownership was out of line in leaking Terry Francona’s marriage and alleged pill addiction for reasons in the Sox demise, Felger tried calling out other people in the organization and their personal issues. Co-host Tony Massarotti demanded to know how John Henry’s three divorces have collectively impacted the team. Felger, as usual, took it one step further — calling into question Jason Varitek’s failed marriage and the rumor NESN sideline reporter, Heidi Watney, and the Red Sox captain had an affair.

Watney, to her credit, fired back via Twitter..

@HeidiWatney Felger is completely off base on just about everything he is saying. Ridiculous and irresponsible

Watney also went on to note Felger isn’t in the clubhouse and only reports on rumors. I thought that would be it, but then fellow CSNNE employee, Joe Haggerty, came in with a flying elbow in Felger’s defense.

Looking forward to the first lesson in journalistic integrity from @HeidiWatney. She did write the definitive book on it, right?

It was on. Watney didn’t back down from a three-way dance..

@HackswithHaggs I don’t report gossip/rumors Joe… how’s that for integrity.

Haggerty came back for seconds, noting her lack of reporting during the collapse..

@HeidiWatney Given what was going inside clubhouse at Fenway while NESN cranked out happy calliope music, not sure exactly what U report on

Anyway long story short, yesterday Felger apologized to Watney on air.    You know it had to kill him being forced to tuck his dick between his legs because his boss told him he had to.   Anyway I don’t get it.  I feel like Coach Parseghian in Rudy… What’s your problem, O’Hare, what’s your problem?  I mean if I’m understanding this correctly Felger was trying to say that if the One Eyed Bandit is going to leak info about Tito and blame his personal issues for the clubs struggles than they need to look at John Henry’s divorces, and Heidi fucking players and basically everything else that happens behind the scenes right?  Sure he probably didn’t have lump Watney into this, but that’s really irrelevant in my mind.   Why does Heidi Watney or anybody else think her sex life is out of bounds to discuss on sports talk radio?    I’m not even trying to be a jerk either.    Heidi Watney is a certified Boston sex symbol/celebrity.   That is what she was hired for.  This is what you do with sex symbols.  You gossip about who they are fucking.    It’s no different than speculating who Scarlett Johansson or Blake Lively is fucking.    Felger doesn’t pretend to be NPR.   This is what the entertainment business is all about and that’s exactly what both Felger and Heidi Watney are in.  For better or for worse when you are a certified dime piece on television your private life becomes fair game.

I guess sometimes I just feel like Heidi Watney gets confused with what her role is.  Honey you’re a hot ass sideline reporter.   You’re not Walter Kronkite.   NESN hired you for your looks.  The hotter you are and the better job you do, the more people are going to want to know about you.   Same thing with Erin Andrews, Michele Beale etc.   Sometimes I can’t tell with Heidi whether she gets that.  Listen it doesn’t matter whether you fucked Varitek or not, which I’m 100% convinced you did.  My point is speculation about Heidi Watney’s personal life is fair game on a sports talk radio show just like any celebrity sex pot’s sex life is fair game and it is disingenuous for Watney  to talk about her Christian morals and shit when her entire career is based on sex appeal.