SportsGrid – Retired Michael Phelps does not care what you think. Retired Michael Phelps does not have to live up to your expectations. He will smoke and gamble and crowd surf poorly because Michael Phelps has more gold medals than 82 countries. So if Michael Phelps wants to sex it up all over Hollywood, Michael Phelps will sex it up all over Hollywood. The folks over at With Leather pass along this Scandalous Piece Of News from gossip merchant Hollyscoop, that Phelps is dating notorious Hollywood-famous-person-sexer Jasmine Waltz. Who? That girl up there, who kind of looks like Megan Fox. Hollyscoop generously describes her as “notorious Hollywood star f*cker Jasmine Waltz.” Well, then. Anyway, more on Waltz. Here’s her website (extremely NSFW). On it is her very own sex tape, which “leaked” onto her site after a $60,000 deal to produce a sex tape fell through. Phelps is apparently just in it (the relationship, not the video) for the sex, and Waltz for the fame – she’s been linked to a number of other famous celebrities, including David Arquette, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Doug Reinhardt and Vinny from “The Jersey Shore,” despite only being a waitress.


So apparently Michael Phelps is dating the slut of all sluts right now. A “waitress” who has banged like every dude in Hollywood and has her own website on which she sells a sex tape. Hey the girl is hot, no question about that. Something about a sex tape that she sells herself though…kinda not sitting right with me. It’s weird. Like I’d be so much more comfortable with a girl if she was just honest and said she’s a porn star. Hey, I’m a porn star, I have sex on camera for cash, that’s what I do. A perfectly noble line of work, I have no problems with that. But doesn’t sneaky being a porn star kinda seem really scummy? Clearly she’s making money from being filmed with cocks inside her, but she does it under the guise of a “leaked” tape. I say if you wanna get cash for porn then just go ahead, be open about it, start getting cash for porn. No big thing.

This girl been had some celeb fuck buddies though huh? Not really sure what good can come from dating this chick. Fucking, sure. But dating? Watch out Mike. She’s a gold digger. And I mean that in the most literal sense. She’s only with you because of you have gold.