Bostonherald – A local sports radio host has come under fire for touting an online polling game that asks men which high-profile, Boston female news anchor – Maria Stephanos, Sara Underwood or Bianca de la Garza – they would wed, bed or kill. Barstool Sports posted the “hot Boston reporter edition” of its regular poll Tuesday. While that’s par for the course for the smutty site, “98.5 The Sports Hub” yakker Mike Felger then went on-the-air and encouraged his radio listeners to vote for Underwood – his wife and a weekend anchor and reporter for Fox 25.  “The fact that Mike Felger unapologetically speaks of his wife, one of the women in the poll, in these terms is disrespectful to her, offensive to all women and many men, and promotes the idea that it is funny and acceptable to degrade women, even those you supposedly love,” Gallagher said. Felger sought to downplay his clownish on-air banter. “We try not to take ourselves that seriously,” Felger told MediaBiz. Christina Knowles, state director of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women, said she was surprised Felger played into the sleazy chauvinism, because his wife was among the trio being objectified. “The fundamental basis of this game is to determine the worth of the women based on their looks – and that’s troubling,” Knowles said. “It’s completely degrading.” Bar Stools’ owner Dave Portnoy said his site is male-oriented and the polling game has been around for years. “I certainly don’t think it’s shocking in terms of what we do or really what anybody does,” Portnoy said. “Whether that is good or bad, I think it’s pretty mainstream.”

All things considered this is probably the most insulting article ever written about the Stool.  I’m not even joking.   I mean basically this entire article was about what a big asshole Felger is for playing MFK, but nobody seemed to care that we play it.   Like what our male chauvinism doesn’t count or something?   Apparently being assholes is just “par for the course for our smutty site” but when  98.5 talks about it it’s a whole different ballgame.  Motherfucker!    Give us fucking credit where credit is due!   If it’s outrageous for Felger to talk about it than it should be outrageous for us to talk about it!   I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen.   Smut publishers have feelings too you know.

PS – It’s tough to take the MA Director of Babes, Christina Knowles, seriously when she says the   “The fundamental basis of MFK is to determine the worth of the women based on their looks”.     Wrong!  Have you ever even played the game sweet cheeks?   That’s the beauty of Marry Fuck Kill.  It’s trying to figure out who you’d want to marry or fuck or kill based on looks and their personality.   For example I chose to fuck Maria ‘Hooker Boots” Stefanos because she wears Hooker Boots 98% of the time she’s on air.   That’s a window into her psyche that tells me she’s an animal in the sack and hence why I chose to fuck her.   If she didn’t wear those I probably would have killed her.   So the game is not nearly as simple as who is prettiest.    I think that’s a very important distinction to make.