MILTON, Mass. (WHDH)Police busted a pool party with over 1,000 people at a mansion in Milton Friday night. Police say tickets were sold to the event at the home called, “Make it Nasty Mansion Pool Party.” Neighbors on Mark Lane said the pool party was outrageous. “If people want to have a party, fine but we had no idea it was going to turn into to be 1,000 or 1,500 people,” said Mary Sabin, a neighbor. The partygoers responded to a racy flier promoting a mansion pool party at 4 Mark Lane in Milton; a quiet tree-lined street with a lot of kids, including the homeowners two daughters.”Our understanding was people were in the pool, outside the pool, in the house and they were home,” a neighbor said. The party invitation made it clear there was an entrance fee and that alcohol would be served at cash bars. But the scantily clad women and the noise and cars everywhere left neighbors nervous enough to want to remain anonymous.

I want to defend these people. I really do. Like I appreciate the business model. Fuck permits, liquor licenses and all that noise. This is America. If you want to throw a Make It Nasty Mansion Pool Party in your backyard then who is the government to stop you? But having said that how in the Christ was I not invited to this thing? I live like 2 seconds away from Milton. If there is going to be a “Make it Nasty Mansion Pool Party” I feel like I should be the first person who got an invitation. Just a total slap in the face to everything I do here. I mean I try to be a good smut peddler and give back to the community and this is how I get repaid? I don’t even get a god damn invite to a 1,000 person Make It Nasty rager next door to where I live? Disappointing to say the least. No other way to describe it.