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Reader Email

Dear Pres,

Please hear us out. We have a friend, great guy, and teammate, he’s just kind of a big slob. Basically he’s on a four shirt rotation and does laundry like once a month so its definitely not a clean situation. I’m going to give you a likely Saturday wardrobe for this dude: He just played an entire football game at offensive line and hasn’t showered but merely wiped the eye black from his face. He’s wearing a reversible Boston University basketball camp practice jersey. A fitted, covering up his matted ass hair  and a fifth of captains in his hand. He goes out, blacks out and the next night flips the jersey and does it again. Kind of a beast,  he just smells and his clothes are shitty. A change in wardrobe may not and probably will not improve his hygiene but it certainly will afford our friend Kyle Morris the opportunity to not look like a retard as well. Pictures are attached. 
Thank You,
Worcester State Football 
(It’s a real team)


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