Wellandtribune.ca – IceDogs mascot Bones was escorted away from the Battalion bench by security late in the second for filming the bench during the game.


Say what you want about Bones, but don’t you dare ever accuse him of not being a loyal dog. All he cares about is giving his team an edge. All that matters to him is the W. Yeah he might use some frowned-upon tactics from time to time. He might sneak up behind the other team’s bench and record the coach’s whiteboard during timeouts. But that’s just Bones. Always giving 110%, doing anything and everything to help his squad succeed. Listen if you want a mascot that just goes through the motions and puts in the minimum effort then Bones ain’t your guy. Go get someone who’s only in it for the paycheck. But some of us actually care about beating North Bay Battalion and we’re not concerned with the means to that end.