Source- A shocking video has emerged showing a 40-year-old mother allegedly encouraging her young daughter to fight a bunch of bullies outside their New York home. Police say Amie Loughrey of Oswego is seen pumping her daughter up for the fight while approaching the pack of teens in the street outside their home on Sunday evening. The video posted on someone’s Facebook page on Monday ends after Ms Loughrey’s alleged daughter pulls another teen by her hair to the ground, punching and at one point kicking and appearing to spit in her face to cheers. ‘Yes, get her Dallas. Get her f***ing a**’ a woman screams off camera. ‘I’m not fighting you so step away from me. I’m not fighting you,’ the teen who’s later seen pulled to the ground responds to the other’s approach before being smacked and grabbed by the hair. On Tuesday Loughrey took to her Facebook page to defend herself, writing that the fight captured was in self defense after a series of bullying to her daughter by the neighborhood teens. ‘I just got out of jail for endangering the welfare of a child and harassment in the 2nd for letting my 15 year old daughter defend her self against 12 to 15 teenage girls her age and big josh…. Who came to MY house NOT ONCE BUT 3 TIMES!’ she writes. Relating those allegations to the video a woman can be repeatedly heard yelling about the home’s windows being banged on.


Not exactly a fair fight size wise, but if the skinny chick was bullying the fat chick then hey, ya had it coming bitch. If you’re gonna be a bully there’s bound to be some backlash from time to time. And don’t get me wrong, I love making fun of fat chicks as much as the next guy. But I do it from behind a computer where they can’t sit on me. If you’re out there in the real world talking shit to morbidly obese teenagers then you better know how to toss fisticuffs or at least outrun the whale. There’s no greater wrath than that of a pissed of heffer. They have an unbeatable finishing move. The Sit. They just sit on you and it’s game over every time.