TexasA 25-year-old woman allegedly left her children home alone as she carried out a six-month sexual affair with her neighbour’s 13-year-old son. Amanda Ann Nabers reportedly confessed to having sex with the boy after she was arrested on Monday evening, but denied endangering her own kids by leaving them without supervision. Nabers acknowledged sharing marijuana, Xanax, and cans of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko with the boy during their first encounter, police said… Nabers left her kids at home to rendezvous with the teen, the San Antonio Express-News reported… The warrant said she confessed to having sex with her neighbour’s son on four to five different occasions… Facebook has a page for a woman with that name, aged 25, from San Antonio. On the profile, Nabers set her relationship status to ‘It’s complicated’. And on New Year’s Eve she wote: ‘hey i hope everyone has a gr8t New Year like me lol Be safe anD dont forget to use a condom lmao!!!!!’

Look, I’m all about sacrificing for your children.  I don’t know any parent who isn’t.  But I don’t think it’s healthy to give up your whole life.  I believe it sets a bad example.  You spend so much time getting them to school, carting them off to their sports, their activities, birthday parties, play dates and the like.  But you can’t let your whole life revolve around them.  It’s not healthy for you OR them.  Kids need to see their parents happy.  To be happy, parents need a little “Me Time.”  And for Amanda, “Me Time” means creeping into her neighbors house with weed, pills and booze and riding a 13 year old like a thoroughbred.  Personally I prefer going out to bar trivia, but to each his own.  The important thing is that when she comes home drunk, high and smelling of teenage sex, her kids see her happy and they’re happy.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  I just wish she was a teacher too.  With a name like “Nabers” her Intangibles would be off the charts.