(TSG) - So Monica Lewinsky is reportedly peddling a memoir about her White House career, promising tawdry details that did not appear in “Monica’s Story,” the 1999 authorized biography authored by Andrew Morton. As reported by the New York Post, the tell-all will describe Bill Clinton’s purported “penchant for kinky sex.” Which means Lewinsky, 39, is prepared to talk about tossing the 42nd president’s salad. While the report prepared by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr provides a thorough account of Clinton’s sexual encounters with Lewinsky, some salacious details were redacted from the report prior to its release by the House Judiciary Committee. Lewinsky’s description of how she gratified Clinton can be gleaned from the transcript’s unredacted digest, which includes an alphabetized list of all key words that appear in the Lewinsky deposition. Next to each entry in the digest appears the deposition page and line in which the word appears. After Lewinsky acknowledged the other-than-oral-sex gratification, she was asked a question (page 20, line 3) that included the words “anus,” “mouth,” “orally,” and “stimulate.” A follow-up question (page 20, line 12) included the words “anus” and “orally.”

How bad does it suck to be Monica Lewinsky? She’s living proof why women will always be inferior to men. They’re so damn stupid and easily manipulated. In her head she had these lofty dreams that he really loved her and they’d run away to Little Rock together and live happily ever after. No, dummy. You were an intern crawling around the Oval Office on all fours sucking dick and tossing salad. Now the whole world knows you’re a little tramp and no one will hire you. So, you’re forced to put the stories of you eating some old dude’s asshole on paper in hopes of making a few bucks. Call me crazy, but that’s way more degrading than those chicks in Anal Lick Fest getting called filthy whores by that psychopath behind the camera.

PS – how ’bout Bill? Can the guy do any wrong? Getting a colonoscopy with some chick’s tongue in one of the most important rooms in the world and he still comes out smelling like roses.