MONTREAL - Disturbing images are circulating on the Internet, showing a man apparently being run over by a taxi cab in Montreal. A 23-year-old man was rushed to hospital pre-dawn Sunday with serious but non life-threatening injuries. A 47-year-old taxi driver and some of his clients were being investigated, police said, with the possibility of criminal charges being laid. The incident occurred in a lively downtown district, filled with night stops and restaurants. “I told you guys to get out of there!” a man is heard in the video, yelling at the pedestrians involved in the altercation. “Anyway, it’s all on tape!”

Gun to head right now I’d say that guy deserved to be run over. Like what were they doing kicking the cab and jumping on the hood and stuff? I mean that’s how you get yourself run over 101 right there boys and girls. Like what choice did they leave this guy? Like okay you want to be a badass? We’ll see how tough you are when your buddy is underneath my tires. Not so tough anymore.

PS – Can the guy announcing this video be any more annoying? “I Told you guys to get out of there!” Shut up bro. Who are you?