“IN MY HOME! IN MY BEDROOM! WHERE MY WIFE SLEEPS! Where my children come and play with their toys! In my home!”

Has any quote ever summed up what happened at the Garden last night better than this?  Montreal came into Boston and not only won Game 1, but their fans acted like they owned the joint.  Pissing right in people’s faces.   Taunting little kids.  Getting in Joe Haggerty’s grillmix.    This is why I said I was jumping on the bandwagon yesterday.  Because it’s not just about hockey.  This is us vs. them.   This is about not letting anybody come into our house and push us around.   It’s time to take back the night!   But truthfully if the B’s lose on Sat I may be out….

-thanks to Devin for video.  That’s a Stoolie pt